Standing Rules


  1. We observe Robert’s Rules of Order, newly revised.
  2. Business may be conducted in either Spanish or English
  3. Issues, not personalities, should be discussed.
  4. We agree to disagree
  5. The Chair will only recognize speakers at the microphone.
  6. Action motions must be presented in writing to the secretary prior to discussion on the caucus floor.
  7. Side conversations must be conducted outside the meeting room.
  8. Speakers’ will be limited to one (1) minute per topic.
  9. The Chairperson will recognize alternately those persons who wish to speak for or against a motion. The agenda shall be moved automatically if the pro/con sequence is broken.
  10. The NEA Hispanic Caucus shall have a floor strategy for proposed actions of the NEA Representative Assembly only when the Caucus is the originating sponsor, not the co-sponsor.